Low levels of uric acid naturally.


If uric acid rises in the blood, it can have unpleasant consequences. A painful attack of gout can be threatening. Calculations are also possible in the urinary tract and kidneys. Of course, there are medications to lower Trialixthe level of uric acid. As always, it can have side effects. Side effects are not necessary, since uric acid can be reduced even with natural and uncomplicated measures, but only if the person is willing to offer a little treatment.


When uric acid rises

Uric acid in the blood is not bad in all cases. Uric acid has an antioxidant effect in the blood and protects blood vessels from damage caused by oxidative processes. However, a large amount of uric acid is not good either.


If the level of uric acid increases to 6.8 mg / dl or more, theĀ Trialix CANADA uric acid no longer dissolves in the blood. Instead, crystals of uric acid (called urate crystals) are now formed. These crystals, in turn, are deposited preferentially in the joints or kidneys.


If the deposit occurs in the joints, the attack of gout will begin in the immediate future (about 8 mg / dl of uric acid). Because the immune system considers small crystals as foreign objects and attacks them. This attack leads to inflammation, swelling and pain. If the kidneys are the target of precipitating the crystals, they can turn into kidney stones (uric acid stones). Therefore, keep the kidneys always with high levels of uric acid.


High level of uric acid: what traditional medicine does

If the level of uric acid increases to levels that can cause an epileptic seizure or if they actually occur, your doctor will do everything possible to reduce the level of uric acid. You can describe what is called uricosic (for example, probenecid). These medicines increase the secretion of uric acid through urine.







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