Coconut oil on the skin and facial care.

Coconut oil on the skin and facial care.
Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and fight because of its antimicrobial properties, bacterial skin infections or fungal skin problems. Coconut oil softens and softens the skin. It is also absorbed much faster than many other vegetable oils, is very easy to use and leaves a pleasant feeling.

Coconut oil is therefore an excellent oil for the skin. But what about the care of the face? Can coconut oil be used on facial skin?

Because if it works well against bacteria, it should have a strong effect on acne. Finally, the bacteria must also participate in the formation of acne. In fact, it has been shown that the antimicrobial fatty acids of coconut oil inhibit the spread of acne bacteria, so coconut oil helps many patients with acne.

Studies have even shown that fatty acids from coconut oil were 15 times more effective against acne than the usual acne medications with the active ingredient of benzoyl peroxide.

In many ways, but now they are being warned of coconut oil. Keto Blast The pores must be clogged, causing pimples and blackheads.

Does coconut oil as facial care prevent pores of the skin?
The experiments vary here, so it seems that it depends on the individual, whether the coconut oil in the face care now has a therapeutic effect or if the skin problem is worse.

Some people in acne report that acne has disappeared with coconut oil. Others say that coconut oil causes the disease to flourish. Why does coconut oil work differently? How do you know if coconut oil is good for you or a little bad?

Coconut oil is officially considered comedogenic, which means that it should be able to promote the development of black spots and spots.

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