Bananas with low fruit

= 1 And 5. Bananas with low fruit acidity and digestive protection.
Bananas with 0.6 grams of acid per 100 grams with less acidic fruits. Only mango and pear contain a little less acid. All other fruits contain much higher levels of acidity. Yes, bananas are very low in acidity and rich in gastric protective substances that are recommended for people with heartburn because they have a beneficial effect on the health of the stomach and reduce heartburn. Bananas should be mostly mature.

Even acids rich in acid should not be consumed to neutralize acids. Because it is often just adding fat leads to heartburn. Try it better and eat the combination you prefer.

The rules of the composition of traditional foods say that one eats the best fruit on its own and should not eat with other foods, including foods with high starch content. Therefore, people with allergies can experience Overnight Lean Keto fermentation processes with the formation of fusel alcohols and intestinal problems. Since bananas are acidic and have little water, they can, with regard to the risk of fermentation, mix more with the mixture, as well as with acids and fruits rich in water.

2. Biomaterials can also be well absorbed by the banana monocono
The potassium balance can be strongly affected by a diet rich in salt, which includes alcohol and caffeine. However, we do not know that the mechanism makes it impossible to re-absorb the potassium from bananas without other foods.

The same is true for vitamin B6. Since bananas not only contain vitamin B6, but also a complex of vitamin B almost complete, plus vitamin C, E and K, here there are no problems of absorption if you eat a banana alone without other foods (banana monocast)

3. Bananas contain sugar, but affect blood sugar levels less than Moisli
The banana contains fruit sugar. But this sugar content is not 25 percent. Not even the total carbohydrate content is very high, but according to official sources, approximately 21 percent of carbohydrates, which in turn consist of a portion (3 percent) of starch, so that approximately 18 percent of sugar (3.8 g of glucose and 3.6 g of fructose). And 11 g of sucrose).

The sugar content also depends on the degree of maturity of the bananas. It is still stable, but yellow bananas already contain less sugar than b

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