The nutrients for the health of your hair.

The nutrients for the health of your hair.
The best nutrition for a healthy hair is the excess of base, complete, rich in silicon, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and iron and has an adequate amount of proteins.

Other important nutrients are antioxidants, trace elements and vitamin A.

If you are already regularly incorporating the following foods into your diet, your hair can receive everything you need:

Nuts and seeds
Green leafy vegetables
Root vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, carrots, etc. white
The onions
The pumpkin
Black pepper
The seaweed
The following foods should be avoided as much as possible Prache cream to improve hair health:

Food and sugary drinks.
Finished products
White flour products.
Foods made of highly processed fats.
Highly processed animal proteins (sausage, cheese)
Only use soy products moderately
For specific hair or scalp problems, a comprehensive capillary health program should be implemented.

Here is a detailed description of a comprehensive treatment for hair:

Nine measures for healthy hair

The holistic treatment of hair is not only for hair loss, it can also be a true title, but also for any problem in the hair and scalp.

To show:
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